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Warming Up


Many writers have told me they have ‘warm up’ exercises or routines they use to get them started. What’s your pre-writing proceedure?

The photo shows Brisbane Lions warming up before Friday’s game 🙂



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  1. Love that image, Lancer! Especially the banners just left of center, that seem to command, “SEW, SEW, SEW!”. Before writing, I merely sit back and ‘daydream’ about things, past…present…future. Usually, something jogs this old gal’s brain cells–except when I attempt Haiku (a real struggle!)…that’s when I sit with a very thick Thesaurus, mulling over word after word after word!

    • I love my thesaurus, a big help when ‘that’ word sits on the tip of my tongue and needs a bit of a nudge or sometimes it sets me off on a different (often better) track.
      I was thrilled at how well the photo came out – a great memory of a fabulous night!

      • Very happy for you, Lancer! Your photos have really improved in the past year, and their quality is excellent! I also love it when memories ‘get made’ so easily with just a click!

  2. Before writing poetry, I often read poetry.

    • Me, too! Often another poem will inspire me to write one of my own. I was thrilled to find in my mailbox this week a poem written by a subscriber in response to another poem published in the March issue. I’ve contacted the original writer and I’m sure she will be thrilled.

  3. I love that mental picture, Another Thousand Words, Mulling over each word, making every syllable count!!! Love it!!!
    My warm up exercises are putting the kettle on, revisiting my midnight notes, going to the top of the ‘to be edited’ pile, looking into the back pages of Positive Words magazine always prompts something good!!!

    • Thanks Julie! That kettle is essential for me, too, although once I get really into something I’m often amazed to find half a cold cup sitting beside me 🙂

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