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Good Neighbours


I snapped this photo from the window of the bus when I travelled to Melbourne last Friday. I don’t know much about it but it sounds wonderful . . . Neighbour Day 🙂 I’ve written several stories and poems about neighbours; mostly good ones and, of course, a few eccentric characters.

Neighbours, real or fictional, are great prompts for writing 🙂


Comments on: "Good Neighbours" (3)

  1. Quite an interesting concept, Lancer! A ‘professionally done sign’, too–not just a bunch of flyers taped to the door (in the rain), or flitting around the street! Hope they have a good crowd…seems like a fine enough organization.

    • We keep hearing about how many people these days don’t even know their neighbours so I’m sure there will be lots of new friends made. My neighbours here are a long way away and I rarely see them, not even to wave.

      • Sounds as if they may not want to know their neighbors! Back when we had the farm (1970s), my husband and I and the boys went around to all the neighbors within two miles or so to introduce ourselves. It’s always a good idea, in case of emergency.

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