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Stamping Ground


I love these new stamps 🙂 The Mini-Dachshund looks a lot like my Jasper when he was a bit younger (he’s gone a little grey now), and the Cavalier King Charles could easily pass for Clyde, one of my daughter’s dogs 🙂 And, of course, the Pug, Australian Terrier and Miniature Schnauzer are gorgeous, too! I think stamps look so much better than ‘Post Paid’ in the corner.

I’ve collected stamps since I was very young, for fun rather than seriously, although my late brother and I watched like hawks when Mum shared out the latest offerings. Mum would carefully clip stamps from the envelopes and save them until she had a pile in the drawer (or we nagged until she gave up!). She tried to divide them evenly but toward the end of the pile there were always a few odd ones . . . the bargaining that went on over who should have which one would have rivalled the most ruthless boardroom negotiations! Poor Mum 😦  I’m going to put together an album for Jackie for when he’s older; living so far away I hope he’ll enjoy getting letters from Grandma and not just emails.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who send me used stamps. And, to those who include a couple of extra new stamps which their submissions ‘to help you with all that postage’; I do appreciate it.

Competition entries, single issues and subscriptions can all be paid with unused stamps – it’s much cheaper and easier than money orders and many people don’t have cheque books.

Hopefully, when I go to the PO Box later today, I’ll find a big pile of mail all decorated with pretty stamps 🙂

Comments on: "Stamping Ground" (5)

  1. Those stamps are adorable! But they should have a Springer Spaniel in there, too. Hee! 😀

    • No matter how many sets they release, there’s always some breeds left out! It’s the same when you look at doggy-themed presents for family members. Some breeds are hard to find. I was thrilled to find ‘my’ dogs featured this time 🙂

  2. Those are truly lovely stamps, Lancer…but I’m amazed at the cost! Here in the States we have what is called the ‘Forever’ stamp, which you buy at the current price (I think $0.45 now), but even if the postage gets raised, your ‘Forever’ stamp will cover it (that’s for first class, e.g. a one ounce or less letter! I haven’t bought stamps in so very long….

    • Yes, our postage is expensive and not so long ago there was talk of it going up again! My postage bill is second only to the printing costs each month and a rise would be a strain so I’m hoping it stays down. It takes two stamps to send each issue and to post overseas it’s $4.70 to the USA & UK. I love the idea of the ‘Forever’ stamp – a friend gave me some American stamps and I wasn’t sure what it meant. I also have some stamps from New Zealand which just say ‘Kiwi Stamp’, so I’m guessing their system is similar.

      • $4.70!!! YIKES, that is very dear! I’m wondering if I can purchase AU stamps here in the States…so I could send you some every once in awhile…I’ll be checking on that soon!

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