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Free meals!


After attacks from the heat & dry, rabbits and cockatoos . . . my garden is looking a lot better since the recent rain (and some more last night :)) but I found this unwelcome visitor enjoying a feast 😦

I fed him/her to the chooks!

Lately I haven’t been reading as many of my fellow bloggers wonderful posts as I would like, due in part to ‘busyness’ in so many areas and being too tired by the end of day but also, our low-signal internet sometimes struggles to receive all the photos etc  in my list of watched favourites. It seems worse since the reader changed a couple of months ago. Very frustrating but I will persevere 🙂

Comments on: "Free meals!" (3)

  1. That’s one of the disadvantages of living in the country – poor communications. I wonder if/when the National Broadband system will make things better out in the sticks. Hope so!

  2. That little caterpillar guy is almost cute … but I imagine the devastation he causes in your garden is not cute at all!! Here’s hoping your garden hangs in there and bounces back, better than ever!

  3. Wow, that’s certainly one healthy-looking little critter, Lancer, and a mighty fine ‘appetizer’ in the world of chooks!!

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