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This rabbit was one of the many exhibits in the Scarecrow competition at the Rushworth Easter Festival yesterday 🙂


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  1. Philomena Essex said:

    Talk about forgetting! Today was our 49th wedding anniversary and we were so busy we forgot all about it until it was almost over. We were married at an early age so we are not quite as old as it would seem but we are still together and that is all that matters.

    • Congratulations, Philomena! I think it’s easy to forget birthdays and anniversaries when they fall close to or on times like Easter or Christmas – there are too many distractions! It was also my youngest son’s birthday – Happy Birthday, Pip!

  2. Chuckling quite a bit here in Chicago, Lancer…that is such a wonderful scarebunny!

    P.S.: Hope Pip had a great celebration…please send my best to him!

    • It would be nice to have a scarebunny to turn the tables on our bunnies here! There was a wonderful array of scarecrows displayed in the street and I will put some more photos on, soon. They reminded me yet again that I really should make my own scarecrow…I’m sure we would have some great in-depth conversations in the garden!
      I will convey your good wishes to Pip when I talk to him later today. I know he will be thrilled. I feel very lucky – when I was three months pregnant I haemorrhaged badly and doctors thought I’d lost him. Then just before he turned eighteen he suffered a seizure and they discovered a heart condition but apparently because he looks after himself so well and is very very fit, there is no need for surgery for now.

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