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I’m back in South Australia for another stint pet-sitting my daughter’s dogs, cats, goats and hens 🙂

Yesterday I had a wonderful time meeting two combined U3A writing groups at Littlehampton in the Adelaide Hills. Spectacular scenery along the road from Gawler and yet another group where I felt completely ‘at home’. Once again, inspiring stories and poems written for the occasion and it was great to be able to put some faces to names I already knew as well as meet lots of new friends. And, I gave myself a pat-on-the-back for finding my way along unfamiliar roads with lots of twists and turns 🙂

I’ve called my new friend Little Hampton 🙂

While talking with the group, I mentioned that often I’ve been inspired by a comment, a phrase or a word while talking and listening to groups and on the way home the beginnings of a children’s story came to me . . . you never know where ideas are going to come from!

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  1. Your new buddy is such a cutie! What a fantastic hairdo. Sounds like a great trip!

  2. Philomena Essex said:

    Your new friend is very cute and mention of Gawler brought back memories of the years we spent living in Adelaide before we decided to move to Devonport, Tasmania. For those not familiar with the area we have a very lively group of writers, an awesome artistic environment and an even more awesome climate. Come visit us some time.

    • I first visited South Australia about 12 or 13 years ago when my son Elijah was competing in the National Gymnastics Championships. We were only here a few days but I enjoyed every minute, so when Jess moved here about 7 years ago I really looked forward to seeing more. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been back now, sometimes on my own, other times with Rod and each time have managed to see something new (and the girls, although this time they left before I arrived and will be back after I go but my ‘grand-dogs-cats-goats & chooks’ all gave me a wonderful welcome!) I also try to time my driving breaks at different places too, so I get to see lots each way.
      I visited Devonport and Tasmania when I was ten with my parents. Rod and I often talk about having a holiday there and I’m sure we will make it in the next few years. I’ll definitely come and visit! And…if you’re ever in my area, do let me know 🙂

  3. Gosh, Lancer…my hair looked exactly like that when I awoke this morning (at 3:00 AM!)…except for the color (mine is almost totally creamy white) which I DO like very much…perhaps I’ll become a ‘lavender-haired old gal’, one of these days!

    • My Nan’s sisters all had soft white hair and used a ‘blue rinse’ when I was young. I told Nan once that blue hydrangeas reminded me of them – in fact I called them ‘old ladies flowers’ because it seemed to me then that all old ladies grew them in their gardens! Nan thought it was very funny. Then when I was barely 30, I planted hydrangeas in a shady spot in my garden and I realised I was already an ‘old lady’ to the younger generation 🙂 When we moved to Heathcote, my mother-in-law, who often brings me cuttings, gave me a couple of hydrangeas she’d struck. They didn’t do well in this year’s heat and dry but they have survived and now remind me of my dear Nan and her sisters AND my lovely mother-in-law.
      My hair is not the same colour either but when I woke a bit later than you at 4:30AM (alas, I wanted to get a good sleep before my long drive today!) my hair was standing on end in very much the same fashion! At least I’ve got plenty of time to tame it before I leave.

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