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The Bush Telegraph must be working because when I stopped for a break at Kaniva on my way over on Monday, this Magpie immediately flew down to greet me. Or . . . perhaps to cadge a little food! I’m sure her ‘cousin’ who waits on my doorstep every day must have sent advance information 🙂 Unfortunately, I only had a few crumbs in the bottom of my sandwich bag but on my return today I’ll take something in case they’re there again.

Comments on: "The Bush Telegraph" (3)

  1. I hope they were there to enjoy the snacks you brought for them. 🙂

  2. Philomena Essex said:

    When living in Adelaide I used to feel sorry for the birds during the heat waves which could last for a week or more. Rather than throw away the dry crusts at the end of loaves that nobody would eatnI would wet them under the tap and throw them on the garden. A regular visitor was a magpie with a damaged leg. She would bring her fledglings for a feed until they were old enough to fly off. There were also pigeons, sparrows and any other bird that fancied a freebee. We also used to put out a mixture of raw sugar and water for the rosellas and wattle birds. It was lovely to see the wildlife in the garden. Now we have a fish pond and possums to feed. It feels good to know that you can help a little.

  3. Lovely little new ‘friend’ you have there, Lancer! Hope he/she enjoyed the treats?

    And for Philomena (a wonderful name!): it is truly good of you to care…keep going at it!

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