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More bargains?


There might be more bargains here, too, but the exterior doesn’t have quite the same class as the previous post!!

I took this one from the bus window a few weeks ago.


Comments on: "More bargains?" (2)

  1. Very little appealing there, Lancer…wondering what the ‘sofa bed’ costs. It’s also too bad they haven’t removed, or at least painted over, the graffiti….

  2. The sight definitely didn’t inspire me to get of the bus for a closer look!
    It did remind me of a lady who often had a market stall next to mine some years ago. She worked hard to make sure her stock of new, recycled and revamped items all looked very presentable but often moaned that the customers seemed to prefer (and paid high prices for) the ‘junk’ on stalls that looked more like a rubbish dump. She used to say “If I threw a handful of dirt over my tables I’d probably sell twice as much!” And it really did seem that lots of customers ‘thought’ they were getting a bargain simply because it looked like dirty, undiscovered treasure yet similar well-presented items were ignored even though they were often cheaper!

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