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Getting ready


This sign gave me a good giggle 🙂

I think I’ve perfected the art of ‘looking’ busy but not so the art of actually achieving as many results as I’d like 😦

My ‘to do’ list is long, very long . . . today will be a busy day!


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  1. My “to do” list is always super full. And I tend to look back on it each day and feel dismayed by how little I accomplished. *sigh* 😀

    • I did a workshop once where we were advised to make our ‘to do’ lists achiveable so we didn’t get discouraged. Great theory but I fail miserably and the long list remaining always spoils the things I did do 😦
      And . . . I keep on making those lists 🙂

  2. Love it! :-))
    I haven’t had to look busy lately, I have been. Unfortunately though, not with writing. 😦 Too many other things to get don.

    • Me, too 😦 Somedays I feel like I’ve got as many arms as an octopus and there’s someone/something pulling on each one! The last two weeks have been especially full on. Hope things ease up a little for both of us soon, even just a little 🙂

  3. Perfect for an early Sunday morning giggle here in Chicago, Lancer!

    Yet, we must all remember the words of “The Music Man” song “Trouble”: “Idle hands are the devil’s playground!”

    Found the DVD yesterday at the library, and will be watching it tonight…flim-flam man, small town, music–all great elements of fun viewing!

    • ‘The Music Man’ is one of my favourite films and Shirley Jones has always been a favourite actress. It doesn’t matter how many times I watch ‘Carousel’, I always cry!
      I hope you enjoyed the DVD – I’m humming here ’76 trombones…’

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