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Today is the last day to post entries for the Positive Words Short Story & Poetry Competition 🙂

Wherever you live, entries need to be posted by midnight tonight (23 April) your time.

Comments on: "Shout it from the tree tops!" (5)

  1. Hope you received mine! I sent it in with the March and April mini-comps. Hope they were postmarked ok as I put them in the postbox on Saturday 30 March but then thought they may not actually get stamped and sent until Monday the 1st!!

    • Hi Rachel,
      Yes, your entries arrived safely 🙂 Don’t worry, lots of entries don’t get stamped until the next day. For the February Mini-competition one entry arrived four weeks after it had been posted with a note from the owner of a post box in Melbourne with the same number but a completely different postcode. Somehow it made an extended detour! It was very clearly addressed, too. I always allow a little time for them all to find their way here 🙂

  2. Really a fine capture, Lancer! Sorry no stories from me yet…trying to take care of so much other business–a lot of ‘Spring fix-ups’!

    • Thank you. Magpies on Gum tree branches are a common sight here and make a beautiful sound when they warble. Unfortunately, a few swoop in breeding season!

      • Ah, that’s a Gum tree…I thought so, but didn’t realize the bird was a Magpie! I don’t think we have them here, Lancer…just very similar-looking (& singing) Grackles and of course, black Crows!

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