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Haven’t you grown?


Remember the tiny chickens from a few weeks ago? That’s Mum, the buff-coloured one in the middle.

Today, they’re moving to a bigger house and the latest clutch of tiny chickens will make their home in this cage. Musical chickens!

Rod put on some bigger, more undulating-yard-friendly wheels yesterday which will make it much easier for me to use 🙂

As a child I grew to hate the phrase ‘Haven’t you grown?’ 😦


Comments on: "Haven’t you grown?" (4)

  1. They grew up so quickly! It’s amazing! O.O

    I’ve always secretly wanted chickens. There is something comforting about their little clucking and scratching noises.

  2. Philomena Essex said:

    I have always loved chooks and several years ago was moved to write a poem called
    ‘ Ode to the Humble Chook’. It was inspired by the wanton abuse of chooks in many movies and an incident I recall clearly from my childhood when a chook I had raised from a chick ended up in the oven for dinner – a memory that stays with me even today. Long live the chook!!!

  3. My goodness! Where did that time go?
    And, yes, I too disliked those comments of “my, haven’t you grown”, etc. One wouldn’t say that to an adult, would one!

  4. Not only have they grown, Lancer, but they’re beauties, real beauties!

    And, yes, I hated that silly question, too…because by the time I turned 18, I was 5′-10″, almost as tall as my Dad…and I was treated like some kind of freak, because I was always the tallest girl in school. I’ve shrunk though, to 5′-7″, due to many back injuries and the osteoarthritis probably helped me shrink too! Now…if I could just ‘shrink’ in my waist, I’d be a very happy camper!

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