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Chicken Rescue


This little chicken hatched on April 24 but a couple of hours after emerging from his/her shell, I found a cold, almost lifeless body laying in the litter with the back of its neck covered in blood. I didn’t hold out much hope but have seen chickens and ducklings make amazing recoveries after falling out of nests etc. I put it under a lamp in our laundry. After two hours, although it was much warmer, it still hadn’t opened its eyes and couldn’t hold its head up. Reluctant to physically ‘put it out of its misery’, I decided, just before dark, to put it back under Mum who was patiently waiting for the rest of her eggs to hatch.

I expected to wake up on Anzac Day morning and find it dead but . . . here he/she is 🙂   At first I though it was another one, hatched overnight, but you can see the wound on the back of its head and there were no other eggs hatched. Another chicken finally hatched later that day and five more yesterday 🙂

I’m going to call my little rescued chicken Anzac because of his amazing spirit and, appropriately, he/she is a lovely golden colour.

I think Anzac must have gotten too curious and wandered from the nest while waiting for his/her siblings to arrive and one of the other hens, or perhaps the rooster, attacked. I am so glad I found him when I did 🙂

I added some netting to prevent further accidents and spent most of yesterday walking back and forth across the yard to check them. Today, now the rest of the eggs have hatched, I’ll move them into a separate cage.


Comments on: "Chicken Rescue" (6)

  1. Poor Anzac…so happy to see he/she has survived, Lancer!

    Chicks are prone, though, to cannibalism. At the sight of the tiniest drop of blood (pecking at each other?), they will continue to peck until some poor chick is almost unrecognizable. I had this happen several times back in my ‘farming days’, with both the baby chicks and the older (1-2 months) chickens. And…roosters, I found, do NOT make very good ‘fathers’—they have ‘attitudes’, and will kill another chicken quite readily!!!

    • Yes, I’m always very careful when putting different chicks/hens/roosters together as they inevitably go through the ‘hierarchy battle’!

  2. Philomena Essex said:

    I too am very glad little Anzac survived. You wouldn’t tHink a newly hatched chick would have such a fighting spirit. And yes, watch out for those roosters, they do have attitude.

    • Anzac will be staying away from the roosters and older hens (except for Mum) until he/she is much older. I will post another photo soon 🙂

  3. Great story! Go Anzac 🙂

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