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Anyone for icecream?


Choc-top, sprinkles, nuts, waffle cones or plain . . . there’s one for everyone 🙂

Comments on: "Anyone for icecream?" (3)

  1. Philomena Essex said:

    You don’t see too many ice cream vans around any more. I think they were scared off by the health and safety regulators. It is a shame though, it was always a favourite with the kids.

  2. Here in Victoria we see them at markets, events and popular places like the beach. There’s even one at the viewing area near Tullamarine Airport and you often see the carpark filled with cars watching the planes fly over, so I imagine they do a great trade. I think all those regulations stopped them from going around residential streets the way they used to which is probably good for Mums and Dads but disappointing for kids 🙂

  3. Nice van, Lancer! Here in Chicago, it’s mostly bicycles with a freezer box attached to the front, or on occasion, just a push cart. Not many vans (Good Humor brand) in this or nearby neighborhoods any longer…perhaps due to the ever-rising cost of fuel!

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