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Roughing it!


It’s cold today but at least I have the comfort of a nice house . . . although I think this place is only used as a weekend getaway.  Brrrr…

Along with the overcast conditions, our USB Wireless internet is twice as temperamental. I don’t know why because it seems to be okay at night. Right now I’ve had to sit outside to get a connection and post today’s photo 😦

But before I came outside I lit the fire so I am sure it will be lovely and cosy when I go back inside 🙂


Comments on: "Roughing it!" (5)

  1. getaway from what – civilization, comfort?

    • Yeah, I think whoever stays here definitely wants to get away from civilization – I can understand that; I have my days 🙂 BUT I’ll stick with just a bit more comfort!

  2. Agree about the comfort, Lancer…especially being able to light a warming, comforting fire, and not to depend upon a cheap landlord to turn up the building’s heating system (I’ve had a lot of that this past three seasons!).

  3. Maybe your internet wants to warm itself up by the fire, too. Hope you’re able to get a more reliable connection soon!

    • Good news – it’s back to normal again 🙂 Normal here is still a weak signal but workable. I think we have a problem in certain weather conditions but at least it’s not all the time 🙂

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