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I’d never heard of Feijoas (Pineapple Guava) until I stayed in New Zealand as an exchange student many years ago. My host family lived on a ten acre property and had a magnificent Feijoa hedge/wind-break on one side of the house. It yielded buckets over several weeks and I ate hundreds of the unique-tasting fruit raw and learnt to cook many new recipes using them. I have two growing in our yard and although they  have a long way to go to reach the height of the NZ hedge, they’ve survived a couple dry summers and I’m sure we’ll be eating Feijoas before long 🙂

Comments on: "Feijoa" (2)

  1. It looks like my bushes! Surviving harsh summers but still waiting for it to fruit.

  2. Sure looks hardy, Lancer, and what fun you’ll have when it produces fruit! Keep on giving them TLC, and we’ll all be envious when you show us images of even just the buds!

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