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It doesn’t have the same ring to it as ‘painting the town red’ but YELLOW is my favourite colour 🙂

This is the paint we used for our house…not to everyone’s taste but we love it!

What’s your favourite colour?

Comments on: "Painting the town – YELLOW :)" (3)

  1. Philomena Essex said:

    Hi Yellowlancer. Keep you eyes peeled for a poem I have sent to Positive Words Magazine. Guess what the topic is!!! Yep, it is Yellow.

  2. It’s quite a gorgeous deep yellow, Lancer…and your house must really ‘cheer up’ the neighborhood, especially now that it’s winter!

    Thought of you/yellow the other day, when I was walking through a nursing home parking lot, and took a shot of a sporty-looking car in EXACTLY this yellow! I still have to process it, but you’ll be seeing it probably over the long, holiday (Memorial Day here, to remember all those who fought for our freedoms and did not make it through) weekend! Have a lovely one yourselves!

  3. What a pretty, sunny-looking yellow! It’s lovely.

    My favorite is blue. Pretty much any shade or hue of blue. 🙂

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