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Bendigo Pottery



Another scene from Bendigo Pottery 🙂


Comments on: "Bendigo Pottery" (7)

  1. This is lovely Sandra – a really nice perspective.

  2. Extremely stunning, Lancer! So that’s what Autumn looks like in southern Australia–so very gorgeous, especially the quite ‘different’ type of tree, just to the right of the building…wondering what it is!?!

    • I’m not sure what the tree is but I will have a closer look next time I’m in the area. The Pottery is very interesting with a range of pottery products made on site, a huge antique centre beside it, a few other small craft shops and this building appears to be available for hire for functions. The car park was quite full on the weekend we visited so I imagine they do a good trade.

  3. Beautiful photo. I like the warm tones of the red brick. But I especially love, love, love that wheel with the gorgeous plants growing on it!

  4. Yes, that wheel looks great! Unfortunately, original old wheels have become highly sought after and expensive. We’d love one in our yard 🙂

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