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I’ve godda cold :(


My first, and hopefully last, cold of the winter season!

I can’t complain, over the past ten years I’ve had very few colds even when those around me weren’t so lucky.

It’s not a bad one, not particularly debilitating, just annoying . . . I’ve had to blow my nose three times since starting this post!

A good chance to stay inside and warm, and catch up on some reading šŸ™‚


Comments on: "I’ve godda cold :(" (7)

  1. Philomena Essex said:

    My commiserations, I had a cold a few weeks ago and it hung around for a week. Nothing to do but ride out the storm and keep warm. Not so bad when you think of it; nestled in front of the fire with a blanket to keep off the chill, a box of tissues, a hot drink and some good reading material.

    • I’m lucky it’s only a minor cold not one of those awful chesty ones. I had a burst of energy when the sun came out at midday but fed the animals early and settled inside beside the fire, as soon as it disappeared and dark, ominous clouds drifted over.

  2. Hi Sandra,
    Hope you ‘throw it off’ quickly. Time to cook up some lovely, warming chicken soup!

  3. Hope you’re feeling better now Sandra. That was me a couple of weeks ago. So frustrating trying to wash up when you have to keep blowing your nose every 10 seconds!

  4. Not only chicken soup, Lancer, but a small glass of brandy, perfect by the fire wrapped in a snuggly afghan!

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