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We also saw this old house that appeared to be in the early stages of renovation . . . I hope one day we see the finished result 🙂


Comments on: "Renovators" (2)

  1. This one looks very old, indeed, Lancer! I’m amused by the car with the open trunk–a story there?–wondering what was delivered…groceries, building materials, pails of paint?

    Love the Autumn/Winter colors here, so very subdued, but exciting in their own way! Oh, and the trees remind me of ‘broccoli’!

  2. There were several cars at the back of the house and looked like a couple of families enjoying a coffee break from some renovation activity. Perhaps they bought it as a weekend, long-term project. It would be nice to see it returned to its former glory.
    The colours are typical of many areas here although we also have areas planted with deciduous trees and lots of colour in Autumn. Quite magnificent where the two blend together. I can see why you think they look like broccoli 🙂 I think the birds who flock to feast on the seeds probably think of them as their daily greens!

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