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Going somewhere?


We know of a couple of ‘No Through Roads’ in our area that do go through . . . perhaps the residents prefer less traffic 🙂



Comments on: "Going somewhere?" (3)

  1. Philomena Essex said:

    I love some the place names they have here in Tassie. Can you imagine having as your address places like ‘Nowhere Else’ or ‘The Promised Land’. They make really interesting signposts as you are traveling around. I am sure a poem will emerge some time soon but in the meantime I will keep my eyes peeled for more unusual place names for me to visit.

  2. I love those place names! I like reading the names people call their properties, too.

  3. Wondering if the road just ends there, or if there is a gate?

    Back when we had our little farm (which we named “Windy Hill Homestead”) I could have used one of these signs, Lancer! Our somewhat treacherous tenth of a mile uphill drive led only to our house and outbuildings, but many (newcomers!) seemed to think it was a ‘shortcut’ to the nearest town a mile north! No GPS in those wonderful days!

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