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…lots of little feet 🙂

I finished this order a couple of weeks ago but I haven’t stopped since! Not much time for writing although last night as I knitted, purled and passed the slip stitch over, I had an idea for a short story. I hope the photo inspires you, too 🙂


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  1. whoa!! That’s an insane number of booties! Good for you! They are adorable

    • Thank you 🙂 when the lady ordered 24 pairs it seemed like a huge task but it was fun watching the collection grow each day!

      • Wow! I bet! There is a project in Ravelry called the Beekeepers Quilt, and it’s made up of these little hexagonal puffs. I keep wanting to buy it, and I think it would be fun to watch the little pile of puffs grow like your booties! Do you have an etsy shop?

  2. Hi Sandra – lucky babies who receive these! When I was pregnant with my first child, my mother-in-law presented me with a large box filled with booties of many colours and designs.
    This photo brought back memories of 55 years ago!

  3. I love to crochet, not knitting I know, but I love to make hats~ rainbows of colors and styles along with scarves. I began when I was twenty years old and I never stopped. I taught myself stitch measure and have made glorious things that I am proud to have made for others and myself. I love to see people creative making things like you, it’s inspiring, and I just picked up a hat I started making several weeks ago made of wool and of a sea green hue with natural reflections in it. I love organic wool and cotton most and silk when I can find it. Crocheting things has opened up creative venues that I only dreamed of when I started out. I wish I could have started years ahead of when I did. Now I have three children who I’ve taught to crochet as well, while they’re new at it, I get a great joy seeing them make beautiful things with natural fibers. Peace.

    • Thank you! I crochet, too, but do more knitting. My Nan taught me when I was just four years old sitting together in her little back sun-room and I think my Mum helped a lot with the dropped stitches etc when I went home. I seem to remember her stopping her own knitting a lot when mine went wrong 😦
      After I grew and had four children I had regular market stalls and it was a big help, especially when my ex-husband left. I never tire of all the beautiful colours and combinations and I rarely go anywhere without my needles and yarn.

      • I love your cherished story about your Nan and working with your children. Much of my life was spent in markets too~ making and selling all kinds of things which I’ll have to write more about in an actual book one day. Those were not easy times out in public so much of the time trying to help Mama make ends meet. I loved it and deplored it when it got too hot, rainy, cold, and cumbersome on 100 degree F. weather. I was young and resilient though. I loved making flower garlands, lavender sachets of lace, and feather jewelry. Mama bought her feathers at a place that is still in business at a different location than the Down Town L.A. shop on an upper level floor, called Fancy Feathers. I liked it that Marilyn Monroe went there to specifically select some of her movie feather boas she wore. I think how small of a world it is so often.

  4. Hi Fay, glad I could bring back a great memory! You reminded me of a time a few years ago when Molly(you might remember she came with me down to the Yarram group) asked if she could knit some for something to do in the evenings and to help me out as I was doing lots of market stalls. When I went to pick her up one day she gave me a box filled with a rainbow of little booties. So kind – it meant so much 🙂

  5. Those booties are bootiful.

  6. Quite an accomplishment, Lancer! Kudos, and there’ll surely be some cozy ‘tiny feet’ during the winter!

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