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Dotted through the forests near here are piles of bones 😦

I suspect they are dumped by farmers disposing of dead stock and it’s always a relief to see animal skulls amid the piles rather than something more sinister!

I think this prompt might inspire a mystery or horror story . . . or perhaps a twist or two πŸ™‚



Comments on: "Graveyard" (6)

  1. Philomena Essex said:

    How creepy, reminiscent of the elephant graveyard that usd to be spoken about. Whether or not that was a factual thing or just a myth I don’t know, but big game hunters all used to hope they would find the elephants graveyard so that they could make a fortune from the ivory tusks.

    • Yes, I remembered hearing of the elephant graveyard so looked it up again. It has been featured on many television shows and movies including ‘Kimba the White Lion’ which was a childhood favourite of mine. Perhaps where I first heard of it! Interesting to think of where some of those memories in the back of our minds originated.
      I was also amazed to read that elephants get six sets of teeth. That would keep the tooth fairy busy πŸ™‚

  2. Oh my! That would be a frightening thing to stumble upon. Yikes!

    • It’s very creepy and the surrounding bush/forest very quiet sometimes. We’ve been there on days when you can’t even hear a bird call. A great setting for a mystery!

  3. That’s freaky. Definitely good inspiration for a horror story.

  4. Creepy, but interesting…I’m amazed someone doesn’t come with a grinder of sorts, to grind them to powder and return the bone meal to the soil, instead of just piling them there.

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