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Last weekend and the weekend before, we thrilled to see large flocks of Black Cockatoos in nearby Heathcote and flying over our house.

I love Black Cockatoos 🙂

I’m hoping we’re lucky again this weekend!

Comments on: "Birdwatching" (5)

  1. I see there are a lot of black ibis with white heads in our neighbour’s paddock this morning.

    • When we moved here we only ever saw two or three Ibis at a time but gradually the numbers have increased and we quite often have a large flock by the dam. I love the sound they make as they fly away!

  2. Philomena Essex said:

    The blog date seems to be a day behind.

  3. Just wondering, lancer, do they chatter amongst themselves when they gather like this? And, if so, does their chatter have an Australian accent (Haha!)?

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