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Baby Names


I don’t think William and Kate will be consulting a little book like this to choose baby names but I find it invaluable.

Twenty cents from an Op Shop many years ago and so many of my characters have gained their titles from it 🙂

It’s especially useful when I want a name with a meaning that suits the character.

The personal columns are another great source of names 🙂

Comments on: "Baby Names" (4)

  1. Philomena Essex said:

    At a workshop I attended it was suggested that the telephone book could also prove a useful reference book for names. I have used it on occasions.

  2. Sometimes I feel I put as much effort into choosing my characters’ names as I will when I’m picking out my own children’s names someday.

    • Yes 🙂 I sometimes spend as much time looking for the name as in writing the story but once you get the right name it flows much better. As an editor, I often get submissions with character names that don’t fit well. i.e. really old-fashioned names on a young person etc. Of course, lots of old names have come back into fashion but some haven’t!
      I think getting those little details right is a bit like decorating; those little touches make a big difference 🙂

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