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Cape Barren Goose


When I was a little girl, I used to collect the Tynee Tips Bird and animal cards πŸ™‚ The Cape Barren Goose was one of my favourites, along with the Black Cockatoos. I still have them although, unfortunately, didn’t complete the set 😦

I was very disappointed when they stopped putting them in the tea packets a few years ago as waiting for Mum to open each new tea packet (real tea, not tea bags!) was always an exciting part of my childhood even though I had to share with my little brother and, of course, we always thought each other got the best deal!

Think I’ll go make myself a mug of tea πŸ™‚


Comments on: "Cape Barren Goose" (2)

  1. Yes, Sandra. I remember I collected those cards and didn’t manage to complete the set ,either. Most disappointing thing was they didn’t put very many of certain birds in the packets, making it very difficult to complete the set – it wouldn’t have affected the sales of their tea, as people were loyal to the brand.

    • They call it ‘Billy Tea’ now but it tastes the same to me. I still buy it πŸ™‚ but do miss those cards. It would have been fun to save a set for my grandson as I did and I did for my kids.

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