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Albino Tammar Wallaby


Oh, so cute 🙂


Comments on: "Albino Tammar Wallaby" (5)

  1. Very cute 🙂

    • I felt a little sorry for the ‘regular’ brown/grey wallaby in the same enclosure who stood there looking at us and seemed to be saying ‘Hey, I’m cute, too!’ And, he was 🙂

  2. I wonder? Do animals know when they are different and do they discriminate?

    Sandra – when is the deadline for the animal stories and what is the word limit, please?

    • Hi Fay,

      I haven’t set a deadline as I figure any extras can always be used in later issues, but I will be putting the October issue all together in early September so asap is best 🙂 The word limit for stories is about 1000 words and poems up to one page.
      I would think animals are a lot nicer than humans and wouldn’t discriminate but just yesterday I saw an ad where a King Charles Cavalier owner was asking if anyone had the same because his/her dog wanted to ‘play’ with its own kind!!

      • Thanks, Sandra. I hope I’ll be able to post some off from our (very small) writers’ group next week. Glad to see you are offering up the challenge. Fay

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