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I love this older, beautifully maintained house tucked away among the modern structures at Williamstown. We all have different tastes but I always feel sad when I see magnificent buildings torn down to make way for new ones.

A few years ago I met up with an old school friend who told me her husband loved ultra modern architecture and furnishings while she preferred more traditional styles, making it very difficult to decorate their home. Thankfully, Rod and I have similar tastes!

As writers we can decorate new homes and old in whatever style we want and it doesn’t cost a cent!


Comments on: "Old & New" (3)

  1. I am so very pleased that Dirk and I have very similar tastes. We both get upset when lovely old buildings are torn down – especially when they are replaced by blank square boxes that look cold and bare, and have no soul. 😦

  2. Flinders Street Station is a case in point! I think Melbourne has lost too much of its iconic architecture. My husband and I have totally different tastes, so we have not even tried to design and build a house together, and this is after 55 years.

  3. Such a beauty, Lancer, compared to that ‘thing’ next door!

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