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I was intrigued to see reports on Sunrise this morning about a traveller who believes he saw the Loch Ness Monster recently.

Elijah and Eilidh passed by Loch Ness a couple of weeks ago but Nessie must have been hiding 😦

But . . . they did bring me back this knitting book and now I can knit my own Nessie 🙂

Perhaps I’ll sit it by our dam and name it the Loch James Monster 🙂

Comments on: "Nessie" (5)

  1. A knitted Nessie! What a fantastically marvelous idea!

  2. Thanks so for the great laugh, Lancer! I can see it now–“Loch James Monster Surfaces, then Drops a Stitch!”

    I read that story too, and saw the accompanying photograph, which did NOT look like a ‘floating log’…I do believe Nessie (and others) exist!

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