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After the Rain


I almost didn’t put the under-verandah pot plants out to catch the rain, thinking after 20mm it was probably all over . . . but 30mm later I’m glad I did 🙂 Nothing beats a good soaking rain!


Comments on: "After the Rain" (6)

  1. It’s pouring here still!

  2. We drove to Sale, yesterday. Lovely to see all the bush on the sides of the road fresh and clean, but there is bound to be a burst of undergrowth to be contended with when it dries off into summer.

  3. Beautiful geraniums…hope they’ll say a “Thank You!” with many more blossoms all season long!

    • We are still having a few cool nights here but they are slowly waking up after winter 🙂

      • Geraniums are such a simple flower, aren’t they, Lancer…just some decent weather and a bit of care, and they thrive beautifully! Have you seen any that have ‘variegated’ colors? I found a few this past Summer, and to me, they just didn’t look quite right!

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