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Spring Colour


There would be a lot more colour except for the rotten (#%*@#*) White Cockatoos who are getting cheekier and cheekier. Our plants close to the house used to be safe but not any more 😦    Last week I found them uprooting to Irises and garlic and feasting on the rhizomes and bulbs.  Thus . . . if you are in the area you might witness a mad woman racing out the back door, yelling and waving her arms frantically at regular intervals, followed by a cloud of white wings and raucous cockatoo laughter!

I think I’ll use them as inspiration for a murder story 🙂

Cockatoo Pie doesn’t have the same ring to it as Pigeon Pie (not that I’ve ever tried it!) but watch this space for a recipe 🙂 lol



Comments on: "Spring Colour" (5)

  1. What a shame, Sandra. Cockatoos can be so destructive and when you have put a lot of work into the garden, it’s disappointing not to see the true results.

  2. We’re planning a net cover over the fruit trees soon but it’s impossible to protect everything. It was really disappointing to find them so close to the house – they were confining their destruction to a bit further away. But, at least I’m getting lots of exercise running out and chasing them every time I hear a screech 🙂

  3. Those cockatoos are nasty little brats, Lancer, to destroy the beauty. Catch ’em! Perhaps if you caught just one, and caged it (away from the house), the others might stay away because of its noise?

    • That sounds like a great idea! I’ve been reading up on them and they are very clever (and cunning) so perhaps if they saw one caged up they might see it as a jail and a warning 🙂

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