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Yesterday’s visitors brought their own cutlery!

Two Yellow-billed Spoonbills arrived in the morning and feasted in the boggy area beside the dam. They disappeared by lunchtime but one of them is back this morning πŸ™‚

I didn’t want to get too close and risk scaring them away but there’s a great view from the front windows. I’d previously seen Spoonbills on the edges of nearby Lake Eppalock and on the weekend we saw Pelicans there.Β  Who knows . . . perhaps they will one day find their way to Loch James πŸ™‚



Comments on: "BYO" (4)

  1. It’s been a great season for birds, here too.

    • We’ve got a great bird book and often look up one we’ve seen in our yard or further afield. Very interesting to note the differences between locations. Many of the same here as we had in Traralgon but in different quantities.

  2. Such a gorgeous place you have, Lancer…and I love the two benches alongside the pond…great spot to while away some time day-dreaming!

  3. We do have to share the benches with visiting ducks and they tend to leave little deposits behind but it is wonderful to see them. This morning it was cold and as the sun rose the resulting steam looked magical. No Spoonbills but I keep checking πŸ™‚

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