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Anzac all grown up!


Back in late April, I posted a photo of a tiny chicken I rescued after it fell out of the nest and looked to be dead, ice cold, pecked by the other chooks and laying in the sawdust. I put it under a light for a few hours then later that night, even though it hadn’t improved very much, placed it back under the mother who was sitting on the rest of the eggs. I expected to find it dead in the morning but instead it was chirping brightly 🙂  I named it Anzac for its spirit and hatch date but had no idea whether it was a hen or rooster.

And . . . here she is . . . the beautiful Frizzle hen in the foreground. Just five months old and she’s just laid her first egg 🙂


Comments on: "Anzac all grown up!" (6)

  1. Philomena Essex said:

    Let’s hope her first hatchling doesn’t inherit it’s mother’s wanderlust and go exploring before it should. There are big scary things out there, as little Anzac found out.

  2. I’ll bet she couldn’t wait to lay her first egg to say ‘thank you’. Are you going to change her name – although I think her name is most appropriate – no matter what the gender.

  3. Awwww! She is a beauty, and I love a happy ending. 😀

  4. What nice looking birds.

  5. Christine said:

    SHE is a beauty! Lovely colours and an egg layer too. Good on you, Anzac, the one that got away and now (it seems) has come to stay.

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