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Actually, this one’s on my back verandah 🙂

Yesterday I received an email from a writer asking if submissions and competition entries for Positive Words magazine need to be ‘positive’ or ‘up’ etc. No. Over eleven years of publication I have used many sad and/or reflective stories, murders and mysteries, and a few angry tirades. And the competitions attract an even wider range of themes as many writers experiment with different and innovative styles.

The ‘positive’ in Positive Words magazine stems from my initial act of beginning the publication, truly going out on a limb and way out of my comfort zone but a very positive act in doing something rather than just procrastinating and thinking about it. (I do procrastination very well!) And it also suggests that writers do something positive, too, taking that leap that is often needed to send out stories and poems, risk rejection and the disappointment that usually comes with it.

If you have a story, poem or article you’ve been thinking about submitting or entering in a competition . . . go for it! Submissions are always welcome for the monthly Positive Words magazine and we have the monthly mini-competitions and End-of-Year Competitions to choose from(see details at the top of the page) as well as hundreds of other publication and competition opportunities from other literary magazines, journals and organisations.

I know how hard it can be sometimes, I’ve been there and still often go through it. But the ball is in your court . . . why not today?  🙂


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