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I’m a morning person. I love the freshness of a new day (and cute visitors!) and the feeling of hope that it brings. I hate sleeping in 😦

I’m also guilty of staying up way too late some nights, usually waiting for the end of a movie or television show (and often wishing I hadn’t if it has a disappointing ending!)

Are you an early riser or do you keep the covers pulled up long after sunrise?


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  1. Philomena Essex said:

    I’m afraid I’m a night owl. Awake late into the night and late riser. Now that I am retired I can indulge myself and stay up as long as I wish. I love to look at the night lights over Devonport and scattered over the neighboring hills.

    • Central Victoria where I live is known for its magnificent views of the night sky and stars and I love to go outside and look at them. I love looking at the city lights, too 🙂

  2. Morning is one of the most lovely times of day. There is nothing as peaceful as watching the sun rise while you sip coffee and read a newspaper or a good book. But I stay up late working and often sleep through the perfect wee hours of morning.

    • Oh yes, I love that first cup of coffee 🙂 It even tastes different from others during the day!
      I think missing some early mornings probably makes the ones you catch even more special 🙂

  3. I wake earlier than what I wish, some mornings in wintry Melbourne (or Spring as it is today) as we know, the opportunity of staying under the covers is simply bliss. The older I get however, the less sleep I require, so I’m usually up early and bed later than what I would like.

    • Today is definitely one of those four-seasons-in-one-day days. Rain, icy cold wind, yet quite warm in the sun. Frost forecast for tomorrow morning here in Heathcote, followed by a warm weekend. It’s never boring!

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