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The healthy option or . . . 🙂

Sometimes everything falls into place. On Friday I baked a cake and make a large pot of bolognaise sauce. Then yesterday morning my Dad phoned to say he and Mum were driving up for an overnight visit. Perfect! More often when visitors drop in unexpectedly or with a few hours notice it’s the day before I planned to shop or bake etc  😦

They’ve just left for home again . . . I haven’t written any more of my NaNoWriMo but I’m sure I’ll catch up. Distance and Mum’s health mean we don’t get as many visits as we’d like but we had a wonderful evening catching up, reminiscing about old times and places, dear friends and relatives. Dad said he hadn’t stayed up so late in years but we were all up again early this morning full of new stories over breakfast 🙂

My Mum used to bake perfect sponges. Mine usually taste good but they’re usually a bit lop-sided or odd looking. Much like real life, Mum has always been so neat. Me . . . I’m definitely lop-sided 🙂


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  1. Your cake looks delicious Sandra. I need to get in and do some more baking. Am thinking of trying out violet crumble ice-cream slice next! Glad you had a lovely time catching up with your mum and dad.

    • Thanks Rachel – it did taste good 🙂
      That violet crumble ice-cream slice sounds good and perfect for summer.
      It was great to spend time with Mum and Dad, hear lots of old stories again and some new ones, too. I’m going to write them down before they’re forgotten 🙂

      • I made the violet crumble ice-cream slice but haven’t tried it yet as I also made sticky date pudding with caramel sauce and we have been enjoying that first! Yes, get all their stories down – they are so interesting. My husband took his laptop to his father’s one holiday and sat down with him for almost a week and typed up his life story. I should do that with my Grandma too. She always has stories so tell of when she was a girl.
        Hope the NaNoWriMo is going better today.

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