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A Change of Plans

My NaNoWriMo plot/idea/theme was set in my mind and despite very pleasant interruptions due to our visitors on the weekend, I was almost 2000 words in . . . but yesterday I had another idea! Back to square one and lots of catching up to do but I think it’s a good move.

And my first story? I’m not giving up completely, I like it but it can have its day at a later date 🙂

Do you start stories or poems then completely change tack along the way? I bet the builders who built our house were glad I stayed with the original plans 🙂


Comments on: "A Change of Plans" (7)

  1. Philomena Essex said:

    I have been known to ‘swap boats mid-stream’. Beginning something new and being delighted with the results. I now have several unfinished projects that I will one day revisit but for the moment they are not ‘on a shelf gathering dust’ but buried among the files on my computer. Maybe I should sort them out and move them to a file labelled ‘UNFINISHED’.

    • If I did that it would be the biggest file on my computer 😦
      Some of my students used to say it’s my fault they’ve turned into hoarders because I always told them to keep everything 🙂

  2. I have many of these, a lot I have posted on my blog with the possibility to go back to them later or leave them for the world to enjoy.
    I used to tell myself to stick with a story and not to get sidetracked but your mind will always go where it needs to go. Never miss the chance to write a story or an idea. If you keep saying no to those ideas then the ideas will stop coming.

    • I agree completely, although I don’t want to count how many half-written stories I have on my computer and in old notebooks! I’m sure I’ll get back to many of them one day. The only time to worry is when the ideas stop!

  3. Wow! I popped on over to your site to check out your blog after you commented on mine and BAM! You’re a fellow nanoer!
    I’m horribly behind, not having started mine yet, but I look forward to hopefully sharing nano journeys along the way 🙂

    • Hi Christine, I hope the NaNo ideas are starting to flow. I’ve been desperately trying to catch up but there’s always something! I am pleased with what I’ve written so far and hoping I can keep it up.
      I wish I could motivate myself to write as regularly (although less words per day) for the rest of the year. I might actually finish a novel or two 🙂

      • A few months back I agreed with a friend that I would try to write 300 words/day (which equated to a chapter of roughly 5,000 words/fortnight).
        Unfortunately back surgery interfered and I’ve never quite got my groove back! But it’s a totally achievable aim, and at that rate I’d get a novel/novel and a half written a year 🙂

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