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Two flights, two window seats and my grandson Jackie, who’s turning two today, to meet me at the airport yesterday  🙂

I like flying 🙂 Do you?


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  1. Philomena Essex said:

    The last time I flew was to Adelaide to be present at the birthdays of two of my grandchildren. My first little granddaughter, Lunar, who was having her first birthday and my youngest grandson, Mikey, who was turning seven. Their birthdays were within days of each other but their respective parties were on the weekend, one Saturday and one Sunday. I was in Adelaide for eight days so had the time to catch up with all three of my sons and their families. It was a lovely visit but tinged with sadness as my husband missed out. One of our little dogs suffers heart failure and nobody was willing to accept responsibility for caring for her while we both went so he stayed home to care for her. This meant that for the first time in almost fifty years of marriage I was traveling solo. I was rather nervous but it turned out to be a wonderful adventure with lots of happy memories and all four flights, Devonport to Melbourne, Melbourne to Adelaide and return were wonderful. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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