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Back Home Again


I left sunny Gladstone late yesterday afternoon and arrived home to a warm Melbourne evening but the in-between weather was a little less inviting! Usually when I fly to visit my son, there’s a stop-over in Brisbane but in view of the storms there last night I’m glad this time it was Sydney, even though it was cold and rainy. Fortunately, only a short walk along the tarmac before entering the terminal. A last minute plane change (due to weather delays in Brisbane) but thanks to great staff and service, we landed in Melbourne at the same time as our original flight had been scheduled to land. Very impressive!

After a long drive home, I arrived back at almost 2am with lots of wonderful photos and memories, and already looking forward to my next trip šŸ™‚



Comments on: "Back Home Again" (2)

  1. Sandra, the time went so quickly, I’ll bet. But there’s nothing to compare with seeing the grandchildren in the flesh!

  2. Oh yes šŸ™‚ It was eleven months since I’d seen him and he’d grown so much. I wondered how he’d react to this lady he didn’t really remember but Chau handed him to me at the airport and he was all smiles and happy šŸ™‚

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