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Beautiful Brisbane


I love a window seat 🙂

Reminder . . . the January issue will feature stories, poems and articles about writing groups. I’ll need them in the next two weeks as the printer will be closing over Christmas and the New Year.

I’m looking for tributes to great groups, funny incidents, inspiring moments, weird and/or wonderful participants. Fact or fiction.

I only wrote a few paragraphs on my NaNoWriMo story while I was away, wanting to make the most of my short time with Nathaniel, Chau and Jackie but after a few looooong sessions this week, I finally caught up last night. Now . . . only 1667 words a day for the next nine days! Not much at all if you say it quickly 🙂


Comments on: "Beautiful Brisbane" (2)

  1. How do you submit an article to you. Cheers

    • Hi Irene, articles need to be in hard copy first although I usually request electronic copies on acceptance. Mail to PO Box 798, Heathcote 3523, Victoria and include SSAE or an email address for response. Thanks, your blog looks great and I look forward to reading your submissions. Sandra

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