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Christmas stories & poems


Around this time of year I receive lots of enquiries about Christmas themed stories and poems with writers asking if it’s too late to send them in . . . unfortunately, it is too late for this year’s December issue, in fact I’m going to collect it from the printer this morning but please don’t be deterred from sending in your Christmas tales. Surrounded by decorations, trees and lights, carols playing and cards dropping into our mail boxes, it’s probably the best time of the year to be inspired to write something Christmassy. Go for it . . . and send them in! (Hard copy first – PO Box 798, Heathcote 3523, Victoria, Australia) In a fit of efficiency, I recently prepared files for every month of 2014 and every one has at least one story or poem already typed and organised. I hope I can keep it up for the whole year 🙂

And, jot down a few notes if something during the season inspires you . . . then in the quieter (hopefully) times after the big day you’ll have something to write. One year I wrote and told one lady I would use her story in the following December/Christmas issue after she’d sent it in knowing it was far too late but wanting to share it with someone. She was thrilled I’d be able to use it, especially as it meant that right from the start of the year she knew she was going to be published.

The December 2013 issue is filled, as always, with great stories and poems. If you’d like a copy please send $5.50 (cheque, money order or unused stamps) to the above address.

Perhaps you’d like to inspire a fellow writer (or drop a hint to a family member who’s looking for a gift for you) Subscriptions are always very welcome (see information at the top of the page or email me) 6 or 12 month, or single issues.

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