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Rod noticed this spider on our bedroom wall on the weekend and remembered it is supposed to be sign that rain is on the way . . .

And, I’ve just checked the rain gauge . . . a very welcome 8mm  overnight and lots of dark clouds in the distance 🙂

Ipsy Wipsy (AKA Itsy Bitsy, Incy Wincy etc) is making himself at home in the walk-in robe now.

Signs, omens etc make great starting points or inspirations for stories and poems 🙂


Comments on: "Signs" (6)

  1. In that case my parents house should be in the middle of a lake my now. 😀
    Though I will admit that last time I was there it was more cobwebs than actual spiders.

  2. I would’ve put a For Sale sign outside and packed my bags and moved out and let the spider keep the house! LOL Wow that looks huge!! yikes!

  3. The huntsman spider in the photo doesn’t make a web. It lives on trees normally, and blends in with the bark, hunting its prey rather than trapping it in a web.
    It’s those darned daddy longlegs that are a nuisance, and the fat black ones that make webs in the corners of windows and such.

    • Thanks Linda – I admit I was very ignorant of their habits even though there are lots around here but now that you’ve mentioned it they don’t leave webs inside, its more likely the Daddy Long Legs’ or those little black ones. A few nasty red-backs in the shed sometimes but I always get rid of those.

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