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This morning when I opened a new packet of tea, just for a moment I felt that familiar anticipation from childhood when Mum would open a new packet to reveal a card featuring a picture of a bird (and when I was very young, animals). The cards had to be equally shared with my brother, of course, and there were often a few arguments which resulted in threats from Mum that she would keep them in future and Ian and I wouldn’t get any more 😦 That brought us into line!

Alas, the cards were discontinued a few years ago. I miss them and the beautiful pictures but still have my childhood collection, although it’s not complete.

I still enjoyed my cuppa though 🙂

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  1. Philomena Essex said:

    Yes Sandra, I recall the arguments had between siblings over the cards from the packets of tea, though being seventh out of nine I was lucky to get any. Luckily I was more into knitting (which I learned at such a young age I can’t even remember who taught me. I just remember one of my sisters and I knitting clothes for our dolls and not even using patterns.) and reading. My husband and I now drink coffee but now and again, just for a change, I will get out my teapot and brew a nice cuppa.

  2. I learned to knit very young, too. My Nan taught me when I was about four years old although when I came home from visiting Nan, my Mum had to endure the constant interruptions to her own knitting as I dropped plenty of stitches at first and needed help. I loved making up my own patterns for my dolls’ clothes, too, and was always begging for scrap of wool. Back then garments were often unraveled and the wool re-used. Now big balls of acrylic are so cheap. Would have been perfect for my dolls and the afghan blankets I used to crochet, too.

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