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No apple pie :(


Thanks to yet another visit from the local white cockatoos we won’t be eating apple pie an time soon 😦

The nets were secured (I pulled them back for the photo) but they still get in. Hopefully, next season we’ll have the orchard completely covered.




Comments on: "No apple pie :(" (8)

  1. What a shame. I can sympathise as they like all our passionfruit too. 🙂

  2. Those darn, sneaky birds! You need apple pie!! 😡

  3. My problem is grasshoppers. Buy some apples and still have pie, I’ll have to go and buy one now. 🙂

    • Thank goodness we live in times where we can still go to the supermarket and buy some, unlike early settlers who had to depend on what they grew, caught etc Maybe they ate cockatoo pie 🙂

  4. May you able to have apple pie soon!And as you rightly said, we live in times where we can buy almost any thing, even in off seasons!
    If U can, plz drop at :

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