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Hot Water


Thankfully we have enough water in our tanks during this extended heatwave. As well as the house tanks we have several small tanks around the block filled with dam water by Rod last weekend for watering the trees and plants. The water is very warm, even first thing in the morning. I’ve been starting at daybreak to bucket as much as I can before the sun gets too hot and doing more in the evenings until dark but the trees all look good. Poor Rod has been sweltering in his truck all week (no air-con!) so we’re going to be very tired this weekend. Hopefully, the cool change expected much later today will bring some relief although authorities are saying it will possibly increase the chance of bushfires through lightning and wind. I hope everyone is safe.

I’ve draped my chook pens with old block-out curtains to keep a little of the sun off the tin and, fortunately, no more casualties yesterday. I can’t believe a few are still valiantly laying eggs despite their discomfort. (Perhaps when I go to use them they’ll already be hard-boiled!!)


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  1. I am so thankful we are likely to miss the worst of the heatwave that the more southerly parts of Australia have been suffering through.
    All the best to you, Rod & the chooks. You are doing all you can. I hope the cooler change doesn’t bring the dreaded fire and wind.

    • Thanks Linda. Thankfully we missed fire activity near here and the chooks are now much happier. Unfortunately, I noticed a 41 degree day forecast for next week 😦 I hope it’s a one-off and not another extended heatwave.
      And, while I’m enjoying the cooler weather this week, I see fire reports for other parts of the country including NSW, so I know others are suffering this week.
      I hope you are still safe and not too hot.

      • We have been very fortunate here Sharon. We missed all the intense heat and are now having a week of cool and really pleasant weather – with a tiny bit of rain.
        There are so many fires still burning – mainly in the mountains and to the west. Hopefully they will also get cooler weather.
        Stay cool when it hits you again!

  2. Chickens are a real problem in a heat wave. I used to feel so sorry for them snuggled in the dirt with their wings spread out and their beaks open. I used to spray them with water to try to cool them down a bit. Hope its’s cooler for you now.

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