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Chop, chop


Some of my stories have numerous versions, each one pared down or padded out to suit a different market or competition πŸ™‚

I just read that scissors were invented in 1500BC . . . for me they are always in frequent use from this nifty little pair to open envelopes and trim the stamps off, my dressmaking scissors, a little folding pair in my knitting bag, an old pair of dressmaking scissors in the kitchen for opening packets, cutting baking paper, snipping herbs and slicing pizza, an even older pair in the garden shed for opening bags of potting mix, fertiliser, trimming plants and taking cuttings, hair and nail scissors in the bathroom, and I’m sure there’s another pair or two I’ve forgotten to mention.

I am very grateful to that ancient Egyptian for his/her very handy invention πŸ™‚


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