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It’s in the mail!


Thank you to all the kind people who’ve been sending me their used stamps . . . I do appreciate it 🙂

If anyone has any unwanted, used stamps (Australian or foreign) please send to Positive Words, PO Box 798, Heathcote 3523, Victoria, Australia.  Thanks!

Apparently, Australia Post is considering charging us an annual fee for mail delivery. Sounds like double-dipping to me 😦

We pay postage to include the cost of delivery and now they want it at the other end, too. Will they reduce the cost of postage to allow for it? I doubt it! Last week I discovered a link on the bottom of my PO receipt for a survey where consumers can have their say. or phone 1800 022 535

Adding an extra postal charge will be yet another hurdle for Positive Words magazine which already runs on a shoe-string. As I’ve said before, it’s a labour-of-love and I don’t get any wages/payments etc from it and, in fact, this month I’ll be taking  from my own savings to pay the shortfall in printing and postage 😦

For anyone interested in a great read or an inspirational gift for a fellow writer . . . subscriptions are always very welcome. Details here for Australian readers/subscribers Submissions & Subscriptions for Positive Words   and for International readers/subscribers International subscription rates for POSITIVE WORDS.2   You can receive a sample copy by sending $2.40 in unused stamps or 3 for a $6 book of stamps 🙂  International readers contact me for details

Thank you everyone 🙂


Comments on: "It’s in the mail!" (6)

  1. Glad to know there are people out there still collecting stamps. Nowadays, kids seldom received snail mail but only emails. So I am not sure they know how to appreciate stamps. I myself… also seldom see stamps from overseas as mostly (nearly) all my mails are (electronic) mails. =P

    • I get lots of emails, too, but I love a friendly snail mail letter. And, living out of town our internet service isn’t as good as the city service so too many emails make it difficult.
      I have a two-year-old grandson who lives interstate and I’m looking forward to sending him lots of letters when he’s a little older to bridge the gap between visits.

  2. Hi, I’ve been collecting used stamps for charity but haven’t known anyone to give them to. Is that what you want them for? Australia Post cutting postal deliveries. I guess it is because so few people use snail mail these days including myself. I can remember when I would use 200 stamps a month and now a box will last me years. I can also remember when we had two deliveries a day. I guess my parents felt when they cut that service much as we are feeling now.

    • Apparently, Australia Post is making record profits on parcels as so many people shop online these days but snail mail has decreased. Not for me though, I send hundreds of letters and magazine each month. It gets really hard to keep going sometimes and I worry that a postage rise or charging people for delivery would be the straw to break the camel’s back 😦 Most of all, I feel for the older people who still love receiving cards and letters, especially at Christmas. I have a post box now as there’s no delivery in our area but until we moved here four years ago I really looked forward each day to the daily delivery. I’ve been a stamp collector since I was about five years old, just for fun, but the reason for collecting the used stamps these days is that they are sorted and packaged into lots, then sold to help cover costs for producing the magazine. Sometimes it only adds up to a couple of dollars a month but it all helps.

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