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What’s your weather?


Last night I spoke to my son Nathaniel in Queensland who has teeming rain.

This morning an email from a lady in England who has snow.

I started out very early this morning watering as many trees and plants as I could before our temperature climbs to the expected top of 42 degrees.

What’s the weather doing in your area?



Comments on: "What’s your weather?" (8)

  1. Philomena Essex said:

    Here on the Apple Isle we have as diverse a range of temperatures as you can imagine, considering we are all on the same island. In Launceston today the temperature is expected to reach 29 deg. In Hobart the temperature ie expected to reach 30 deg, but here in Devonport it is expected to reach a heavenly 22 deg. I love Devonport as it never has to suffer the extremes that Hobart does. Down there it gets very cold in winter and very hot in summer, as hot as 40 deg, but in Devonport we have a much more moderate climate for winter and summer. A little bit of paradise.

    • Sounds wonderful Philomena. I spoke to a lady a few years ago who I think originated in Bicheno but had married a Victorian. She said although many people think of Tassie as cold she had wonderful summers growing up and spent hours at the beach.

  2. I am in Aus too and it is hot hot hot here today! I am enjoying it though…

    • A bit too hot for me although with air-con inside I don’t suffer – I just feel bad for my chooks but keep going out to check on them and make sure they still have water.

  3. Also in Qld but we are still dry. No real rain since winter. At least we have some clouds in the sky and the possibility. More than we have had for awhile. Temperature – perfect

  4. In the US MidWest here; Snow in the Northern half of the state, then freezing rain, and finally rain in the Southern parts.

    We like to say, “If you don’t like the weather here, wait 15 minutes and it’ll change!”

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