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Buckets of Fun :)


I loved hearing about everyone’s weather around the world yesterday –  Thank you 🙂

Today we have another scorcher 😦   43 degrees Celsius forecast  but we have all the plants watered in readiness 🙂

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  1. It’s been hot again today. I can tolerate hot days, but hot nights leave me exhausted! Haven’t heard the fire siren, touch wood. Hope nobody does anything foolish!

  2. A cool change but no rain we’ve had sirens over the weekend but no real fires thankfully…Sleepless nights with perspiration yuck leave you exhausted

    • I hate the sticky nights. At least if you get a decent sleep you can cope with the hot days. We had a cool change yesterday, too, but no rain and now really strong wind. I find myself saying ‘at least no fires’ pretty often, too!

      • Living in Australia it is part of our lifestyle after Sundays heat, the night was not goo for sleeping, unfortunately there is more coming from Perth. We need up north to send some rain

      • My eldest son is in Gladstone QLD and when I spoke to him a few days ago they’d had 97mm in one day. I did suggest he send some down! I try to visit him (and his beautiful wife and my grandson) when I can and always try to plan for the coolest possible weather – lately he’s the one having the lowest temperatures with my daughter suffering lots of 40+s in Gawler and the other two here in Victoria. At least it’s never boring 🙂

      • I’m a bit further up the road in the Barossa, Greenock actually. That’s for sure, I guessed you were in Victoria. My dogs have actually been breathing normally the last 2 days. Australia is never boring floods and rain and more rain. Then heat and more heat in another corner:)

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