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A New Lease of Life


The dark blue/navy squares on this quilt spent their early lives (beginning more than 25 years ago) as two tablecloths, beside matching drapes in my old home. I cut out the good bits and added some calico and flannelette and now I have a quilt/throw which will be useful perhaps for another 25 years 🙂

Recently I’ve been going over a lot of my old stories and poems, too. There are quite a few that could be given new lives as updated versions, trimmed or expanded, and others that could possibly work in a different style i.e. poems that could be the basis for a story or stories might work as poems.

When you’re stuck for new inspiration – have a look back through your old files or notebooks. You never know what could be recycled 🙂

Comments on: "A New Lease of Life" (3)

  1. I need to go through my old stories and poems too – I want to get a collection of them together, but have been too busy with my novel and with life-kind-of-things. 🙂

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