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Hazy Days


A gloomy haze surrounds us here and I think much of the state, a sober reminder of the sad losses suffered by many people and the ongoing threat. The wind has dropped but until there is significant rain, the danger remains.

Meanwhile, floods in England, and snow. If only we could trade a little weather!

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  1. I’m with you hardly been near my computer during this weather, we have rain coming here by Friday just heard on the news clip on my puter. Don’t know how much you guys are going to get but hope you get some to help with the fires. There is supposed to be heavy rain in South Aussie hope you get some too

    • Thanks! I just looked at the weather report, too. My daughter lives near Gawler and I saw 100% chance of 20-40mm on Friday and 90% chance on Thursday! I hope so. Much less expected here but I will be grateful for whatever we get and I’m sure those in the fire zones even more so. We keep hoping the extended heat will come to an end soon but on the news last night it sounded like we are going to get more well into next month 😦

  2. Hoping for blessed rain for all the fire danger areas – and for us. 🙂

    • Great rain for South Australia and the fires there! Looks like missing Victoria but hope it’s making it to your area in NSW. It’s needed so much everywhere. At least we have cooler temperatures 🙂

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